The Science Village Fall 2023 Potluck

A big thank you to all those who attend the Science Village Potluck, and a humongous thank you to those who worked it. It was a great success, with a variety of dishes that were both delicious and creative. The attendees brought their favorite dishes, ranging from classic mac and cheese to exotic samosa. The aroma of the food filled the air, making everyone’s mouth water.
The organizer, Dave Hollingshead, held a blind taste test challenge. The challenge was to guess several edible samples. Kavya Dathathreya and Manisha Muduli for the win, with both guessing seven out of ten ingredients correctly. They were awarded a trophy made from an etched wafer.
The event was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to bond over food and share their culinary skills. It was also a chance for people to learn about different cultures and cuisines.
Overall, it was a fun-filled day with lots of laughter and good food. Everyone left with full stomachs and happy hearts.