User Fees

DescriptionOSU AcademicNon-OSU AcademicNon-Academic
AFM04 - Veeco Icon 3 AFM$18.74/hre$29.24/hre$37.49/hre
ALD01 - Picosun R-150B ALD$88.20 + Source/runf$135.83 + Source/runf$176.40 + Source/runf
ALN01/ALN02/ALN03 - Contact Aligner$25.47/hr$39.73/hr$50.94/hr
ASH01 - Diener Pico Oxygen Pla$11.58/hr$18.06/hr$23.15/hr
BND01 - EV 520 Bonder$16.54/hr$18.06/hr$30.87/hr
BND03 - Wire Bonder$16.54/hr$25.80/hr$44.10/hr
BND04 - Flip Chip Bonder$52.50/hr$82.43/hr$105.00/hr
BND05 - Ball Bonder$16.54/hr$25.80/hr$44.10/hr
COT02,03,04,05 - Spin Coater$7.17/hr$11.18/hr$14.33/hr
CVD01 - Axitron MOCVDVariesgVariesgVariesg
CVD02 - Plasma-Therm 790 PECVD$31.26/hr$48.76/hr$62.52/hr
CVD03 - Nitride MOCVDVariesgVariesgVariesg
CVD04 - GaO and AlGaO MOCVDVariesgVariesgVariesg
EBL01 - Tool time$92.61/hr$144.47/hrQuoted
EBL01 Job Assist
4" Photomasks
5" Photomasks/Reticle
ENV01 - Environmental Chamber$5.51/hr$8.60/hr$11.03/hr
ETC01 - Technics 800 RIE$12.13/hr$18.92/hr$24.26/hr
ETC04 - Plasma-Therm ICP RIE$39.36/hr$61.39/hr$78.72/hr
ETC05 - Plasma-Therm ICP DRIE$39.36/hr$61.39/hr$78.72/hr
EVP01 - Denton 502A Evaporator$38.59/hr$60.20/hr$77.18/hr
EVP03 - CHA Evaporator$45.20/hr$70.52/hr$90.41/hr
EVP05 - Denton 502A Evaporator$38.59/hr$60.20/hr$77.18/hr
INS09 - Optical Profilometer$5.51/hr$8.60/hr$27.56/hr
MLA01 - Heidelberg MLA150$25.46/hr$39.73/hr$50.94/hr
POL01/02 - Lapper & Polisher$44.10/use$68.80/use$88.20/use
PRB05 - Electrical Optical Test Table$15.75/hr$24.73/hr$47.25/hr
PRB06 - Unisom Solar Simulator$11.03/hr$17.20/hr$22.05/hr
PRB07 - Cryo Probe Station$15.75/hr$24.73/hr$47.25/hr
PRB08 - IR QE Measurement$15.75/hr$24.73/hr$47.25/hr
PRB10 - IR Camera$262.50/sample$412.13/sample$787.50/sample
PRB11 - 8D PL and Lifetime Mapping$15.75/hr$24.73/hr$47.25/hr
PVD01 - Hummer Sputter Tool$11.58/hr$18.06/hr$23.15/hr
PVD03 - AJA Sputter Tool$27.78/hr$43.34/hr$55.57/hr
PVD04 - Cressington Sputter Coater$5.78/run + Au use/runk$9.01/run + Au use/runk$11.55/run + Au use/runk
RTA01/02 - Rapid Thermal Anneal$24.31/hr$37.93/hr$48.63/hr
SAW02 - ADT 7122 Dicing Saw$21.00/hrh$32.97/hrh$78.75/hrh
SEM01 - Hitachi S-3000 SEM$26.25/hr$41.21/hr$57.75/hr
SEM02 - Zeiss Ultra 55 Plus FE$66.15/hr$103.19/hr$192.94/hr
STP01 - GCA stepper$25.47/hr$39.73/hr$50.94/hr
TUB01 - LP-CVD Polysilicon$11.03/hr$17.20/hr$22,05/hr
TUB02 - Nitride Furnace Tube$49.61/hr$77.40/hr$99.23/hr
TUB03 - Annealing / Diffusion$24.26/hr ($121.28/use)i$37.84/hr ($189.21/use)i$48.51/hr ($242.55/use)i
TUB04 - Oxidation Furnace Tube$24.26/hr ($121.28/use)i$37.84/hr ($189.21/use)i$48.51/hr ($242.55/use)i
TUB05 - SSP-354 furnace tube$11.58/hr$18.06/hr$23.15/hr
TUB06 - Tube Furnace$11.03/hr ($44.10/use)i$17.20/hr ($68.80/use)i$22.05/hr ($88.20/use)i
XRD01 - Bruker D8 XRD$31.50/hr$49.46/hr$63.00/hr
Cleanroom Access$66.15/day ($330.75/month)$103.19/day ($515.95/month)$126.79/day ($633.95/month)
EIL/ESH Lab Access$52.50/day$81.90/day$105.00/day
M4 Lab Access$52.50/day
MICA Tool Access$78.75/usej$123.90/usej$236.25/usej
OEM Lab Access$10.50/day (capped at $52.50/mo)$16.38/day (capped at $81.90/mo)$21.00/day (capped at $105.00/mo)
Small Supplies (as available)Cost+20%Cost+20%Cost+20%
Direct Staff Time$110.25/hr$110.25/hr$110.25/hr


  1. All hourly charges are billed at a half hour minimum per single use, and billed to tenths of hours thereafter.
  2. OSU Nanotech West capabilities not listed in the above rate schedule incur no usage charges, or may be unavailable to general users.
  3. User training incurs no equipment charges or staff time charges but does incur cleanroom entrance fees if applicable.
  4. New users will be charged a $10 fee for key fob and user/account set-up.
  5. User must supply AFM probe tips. Contact staff for available inventory or part numbers.
  6. Plus cost of precursor used.
  7. Contact staff for pricing.
  8. Contact staff for availability of blades.
  9. For oxidation and diffusion furnace runs of more than 8 hours contact staff for pricing.
  10. MICA Tool access applies to tools PRB05, PRB07, PRB08, PRB10, PRB11
  11. Gold use with EBL01 coat is $9.92/run, with SEM02 coat is $2.48/run