Core Staff Members

John A. Carlin, Ph.D Director
Stacy D. Coil IT Systems Specialist
Jay Delombard Research Associate
Derek A. Ditmer Laboratory Services Coordinator
Dan D. Doubikin Facilities Engineer
Derek J. Hansford, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, Microfabrication
Dave Hollingshead Senior Research Associate
Peter J. Janney III Laboratory Services Coordinator
Mary T. McCleery Administrative Associate II
Aaron T. Payne Laboratory Process Technician
Aimee L. Price Senior Research Associate
TJ Ronningen, Ph.D Senior Research Associate
Paul D. Steffen Laboratory Manager

Undergraduate Interns

StudentMajorExpected Grad Date
Daaryush Badii Biochemistry Fall 2019
Zubin Kim Operations Mgmt & Logistics Mgmt May 2020
Geoffrey Lyne Chemical Engineering Spring 2020
Christian Meadows Materials Science & Engineering Spring 2020
Meera Narayan Biomedical Engineering Spring 2020
Yash Patel Biomedical Engineering Spring 2019
Rachael Stahl Psychology & Sociology May 2019

Click here for a list of former Nanotech West Core and Associate Staff members.