Core Staff Members

John A. Carlin, Ph.D - Director
Stacy D. Coil - IT Systems Specialist
Jay Delombard - Research Associate
Derek A. Ditmer - Laboratory Services Coordinator
Dan D. Doubikin - Facilities Engineer
Derek J. Hansford, Ph.D. - Chief Scientist, Microfabrication
Dave Hollingshead - Senior Resarch Associate
Peter J. Janney III - Laboratory Services Coordinator
Mary T. McCleery - Administrative Associate II
Aaron T. Payne - Laboratory Process Technician
Aimee L. Price - Senior Research Associate
Paul D. Steffen - Laboratory Manager

Engineering Interns

Daaryush Badii  
Geoffrey Lyne  
Yash Patel  
Samantha M. Stephens  


Click here for a list of former Nanotech West Core and Associate Staff members.