Agnitron on the moveIn its new home

Renovation began this week in NTW's Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) Lab located in Room 200 to prepare for the installation of a new dual-chamber Nitride MOCVD system which was moved into NTW on September 21, 2017. The Agilis MOCVD system manufactured by Agnitron has been enabled by Professor Hongping Zhao (ECE), a Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability (M&Ms) Discovery Theme faculty recruitment. The new Agilis research system, capable of depositing on 50mm substrates at temperatures as high as 1150°C, is a load-locked system designed with two independent growth chambers. One chamber will be dedicated to III-Nitride materials and the second for novel II-IV-Nitride materials. The system will be facilitized over the coming months and will require some brief shutdowns of various systems while these new connections are made. We will notify all users well in advance of any planned tool outages as we bring this exciting new capability online, but please excuse any small inconveniences it may create

Materials Innovation

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