Bay Displays
NTW's Lab Management System (or "swipe" system) has been upgraded to include 43" display monitors in each bay of the cleanroom. The display in each bay contains some schedule details (current, previous and next user) for each tool located in that bay as well as a list of tools currently in use throughout the rest of the cleanroom. Some displays also contain a list of all the current users logged into the cleanroom. No two displays are the same so take a look at all of them to see what useful information is now available. In the near future we will also be adding display monitors to the Energy Storage and Biohybrid Lab, the MICA Lab, the NTW Main office and the user lounge in Room 102. If you have suggestions for information that would be useful to see displayed on these monitors please let us know.

For additional information contact NTW Lab Services Coordinator Derek Ditmer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or another NTW staff member.