Remote Service Projects

As a user facility, the primary function of the Nanotech West Lab staff is to maintain the extensive amount of equipment for which we are responsible, train users in its safe operation and general safety, and be available for process assistance. However, in some cases, we perform selected remote service work. In this type of use, Nanotech West staff performs the actual work, most often with the extensive help of our Engineering Student Interns.

We select projects for remote service work on a case-by-case basis. Issues that we consider are:

  • Is the project or task so simple that it would take us longer to train a user than do it ourselves? For example, a prospective user only needs a few high quality scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) of a device or material surface but has no further plans to use the Lab; this would likely qualify as a remote user project, perhaps with the researcher invited in as a visitor to provide input on the microscopy.
  • If we perform the work as a remote service, will it develop a technology, capability, or process at NTW that will be highly useful to a larger base of users?
  • Is there a very high probability of success?
  • Is the proposed project willing to pay for engineering staff time in addition to tool usage fees?

Requests for remote service work should be directed to Aimee Price. After consultation with the staff and the Director if necessary, if selected as a remote service project, Nanotech West will provide a quote for the work. If selected, only the relevant Project Form (Ohio State or external) and a Purchase Order need to be submitted for the project to begin.