New Users

To become an active, on-site Nanotech West Lab user, follow these instructions. From first contact to receiving a key fob, this process takes typically 1-2 weeks, most often depending on the timing of the next Orientation and Safety tour. While this time might seem long to some, it is your first experience of the following: that the staff of the Nanotech West Lab is firmly committed to running the Lab in a safe manner with respect to our users, our visitors, ourselves, and our tools, instruments, and infrastructure.

Every project must complete a separate project form (there are two types: Ohio State and non-Ohio State) that gives Nanotech West essential information on the Principal Investigator (PI) as well as a billing contact and address. Each project receives a separate account number; Ohio State account numbers will very often coincide with Ohio State Research Foundation project numbers. Several users can work on a single project. If you are a new user from a research group or other organization that is already using Nanotech West, a project form might already be on file for your project; check with your PI.

Learn more about Nanotech West user fees.

Ohio State users

  • Download the Ohio State Project form.
  • On the form, Ohio State PIs must provide chartfield information consisting of an organization number, fund number, and usually a project or program number to which lab fees are charged.
  • For Ohio State users, charges are billed monthly through a journal entry or interdepartmental billing in the University online Financial System and an invoice is sent to the billing contact promptly after that.
  • We consider a signed Project Form to be authorization to charge an Ohio State chartfield.
  • If your department requires an eRequest for NTW use, enter “Nanotech West Lab,” in the “Vendor/Payee Field of the eRequest.

External (non-OSU) users

  • Download the non-Ohio State Project form.
  • External users must provide Nanotech West with any essential documentation, such as a purchase order number, that is required by your organization for them to authorize payment of the invoice when it is received.
  • Currently, we can only accept checks for payment of an invoice.
  • Monthly invoices for external user projects are sent by regular first-class US mail.

Completed, signed project forms can be filed in person with the front desk staff, by fax (614) 688-3379, by mail, or simply by scanning and emailing the form to the front desk staff at

Download, print, and complete either an Ohio State User Contact Form or a non-Ohio State User Contact Form. Each has general and emergency contact information that we require and the agreement you must sign in order to have access to the lab.

This form must also be signed by a PI or Company contact to authorize use of the labs on the PI/Company’s behalf.

Note in particular that being a Nanotech West user does not give you the right to bring unauthorized, untrained visitors into the Lab.

You must complete the online OSU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) safety training modules listed below by passing the online test at the end of each module. Access the training modules by following this EHS Online link,, and logging in with your OSU name.# and password. Contact Paul Steffen,, if you do not have an OSU name.# account so that a temporary guest account can be set up. If you are completely new to all of this material it will take about 2 hours. If you already know the material you can skip the presentation and proceed immediately to the test by clicking the “Test Out” option at the bottom of the page. Modules are grouped by area (select from the pull-down menu), which is listed in the right column of the table below for each module. Please send an email to Paul Steffen,, when you’ve completed all required modules so that he can verify completion online. Successful completion of these modules gives us some level of assurance that all incoming users have a baseline knowledge of laboratory safety.

OSU EHS Required Training Modules for NTW
Module Name Length (minutes) Area
Lab Standard Training 20 Research Safety
Chemical Safety 20 Research Safety
Fume Hood Safety 10 Research Safety
Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) 10 Occupational Health & Safety
Hazard Communication (CFR 1910.1200) 15 Occupational Health & Safety
Personal Protective Equipment 20 Occupational Health & Safety
Hydrofluoric Acid 15 Research Safety
You must also complete the training modules in the table below if you will work in the NTW Biohybrid Lab. Please note that if you have completed Bloodborne Pathogens Initial Training but in a previous calendar year, then you must complete Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training.

OSU EHS Additional Training Modules for NTW Biohybrid LAB
Module Name Length (minutes) Area
Biological Safety Training for BSL2 20 Biosafety
Bloodborne Pathogens Initial Training 20 Biosafety
Attend a Nanotech West Lab Orientation and Safety Tour. Tours are conducted regularly, usually every two weeks. Schedule through the front desk staff. Orientation documents describing details of lab safety and operations are emailed and should be reviewed before the tour. The basic training and building orientation tour takes about 45 minutes and includes an introduction to the building and an explanation of safety information specific to Nanotech West Lab. The Cleanroom Lab tour takes about 45 minutes and the Biohybrid Lab tour takes about 35 minutes. These two tours cover lab-specific safety and operations information for those two lab areas. You must complete required steps 1-4 above BEFORE attending a tour. Anyone who comes to a tour without completing these required steps (or improperly attired for the lab, such as shorts, skirts, and open-toed shoes) will be asked to leave and return with requirements completed before the next tour. Lab users are responsible for reviewing the orientation documents because the tours can only cover key information.
After completion of the Orientation and Safety Tour and signing a Key Fob Agreement, users will be given an electronic key fob that gives them access to areas and tools they have been trained to use. This fob is only to be used for the personal access of that user to the laboratory spaces.
Most tools and instruments at Nanotech West require additional training and certification for unsupervised use. A list of nearly all major tools and capabilities and the Nanotech West staff member(s) and superusers assigned to each tool may be found on the Tool List page. Contact the primary staff member or superuser listed to schedule specific tool training. If you are unsure of what tools or processes you will need for your research, then please contact a member of the staff. When you complete training on a tool, tool interlock access will be added to your key fob.
All Ohio State employees must enroll in the Occupational Health Registry by following the instructions attached to the “Getting Started” email sent to prospective lab users.