Thermal processing capabilities at Nanotech West include:

  • Rapid thermal annealing (RTA01, RTA02)
  • Dry and wet silicon oxidations in a shared furnace tube (TUB04)
  • Two boron solid-source diffusion processes for silicon (TUB03)
  • Two (n- and p-) spin-on dopant processes
  • Furnace tube annealing up to 1200° C (TUB06)
  • Nitrogen-purged BlueM ovens (OVN01, OVN02)
  • HMDS priming oven, YESIII HMDS Vapor Prime (OVN03)
  • Low temperature (< 650° C) baking and annealing in
    nitrogen and forming gas (TUB01)
  • Various other ovens and hotplates that support lithography and other processes