The Ohio State Nanotech West Lab currently possesses the following capabilities. For semiconductor-related processing, we are capable of handling 100mm (4") wafers down to small parts in all but a very few processes. For more details, follow the links:

Electron Beam Lithography
Patterning down to linewidths of ~20 nanometers with overlay and registration accuracy of approximately 60 nanometers
Optical Lithography
Patterning down to ~0.70 microns with an I-line stepper; or down to ~2 microns with contact aligners
Other Lithography
Processes including micro- and nanoimprint lithography
Material Deposition and Epitaxy
Material growth and deposition techniques including MOCVD, ALD, LPCVD, PECVD, electron beam evaporation, and sputter deposition
Dry and Wet Etching
Processes including low damage plasma, ICP-RIE, ashing, and wet chemical etching
Thermal Processing
Processes including rapid thermal anneal, furnace anneal, nitrogen oven, and hotplates
Metrology and Materials Analysis
Techniques for materials analysis and device measurement that span the cleanroom and other Lab areas
Other Capabilities
Significant other capabilities that do not fit into the above categories