Our electron beam lithography capability features a Leica/Vistec EBPG 5000 field-emission electron beam pattern generator (EBL01). The tool can operate at 50 and 100 keV using beam sizes as small as ~5 nm which results in linewidths down to ~20nm. We have in-house CAD layout and data fracturing capability and can accept GDSII, Tanner Database (TDB), and CTEXT formats, among others. Our engineering staff is highly experienced in both industrial semiconductor mix-and-match (e-beam and photo) and research lithography.

Our standard e-beam processes include:

  • PMMA 950k (2% and 4%) and PMMA/MAA copolymer
  • Bilayer resist processing for robust liftoff
  • SU-8 high aspect ratio negative resist
  • HSQ high resolution negative resist
  • maN 2403 easily removable negative resist
  • 4" and 5" photomask and reticle fabrication for photolithography
  • Staff-assisted CAD layout help is available for simple designs